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Welcome to FascinatingTech Magazine

Special coverage of our Electric to IFA challenge

We put the unusual Summer Sun here in the UK under a very long lens in our latest issue

Within our quarterly issues you will find Reviews and features on the most fascinating technology on the planet. Brought to you by some of the UKs Top Bloggers who write for TheDigitalLifestyle,  LawSkills,  Convenience Computing,   Connected Digital World, The Register and  The Huffington Post you can be sure of expert and unbiased commentary

Garry -  Editor incumbent, Smart home enthusiast and Audio Visual reviewer with a finely tuned ear
Ruth -  Columnist and Reviewer extraordinaire for Tech/Travel/Home/Motors with a non-techie's eye.  She never pulls her punches.

Richard -  Our newest columnist Laptops, Gadgets and Software. Always one eye on the stars.
Peter -  Columnist Illustration and WebSite tools. An accomplished illustrator Peter brings his artistic flare to his reviews.
Wayne -  Occasional Columnist Gadgets, Photography and Watches. He really knows his stuff.

Andrew - Occasional Columnist Games etc. A web personality with a likeable style.

AdanaOccasional Guest Reviewer with a consumer eye.

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